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Regulatory & Policy Conformance


Regulatory and Policy Conformance

  • Principal components of the Facilities and Lift Replacement Project are specified in Norquay Site Guidelines (2011) and thus can be approved by Parks Canada via a new Norquay Long-Range Plan.  
  • The Facilities and Lift Replacement Project is designed to ensure that Norquay does not exceed its approved daily capacity by utilizing both protocols and technology to limit the at-one-time guest population to no more than 3,800.  The Project adheres to Norquay’s commercial space limits of 4,250 square metres as demonstrated by a real property report.

The project supports the Banff National Park Management Plan 2022. particularly, Parks Canada’s strategies:

  • #1 Conserving Natural and Cultural Heritage: Through consolidating 3 to 2 Visitor Centres and restoring the historic Cliff House and Ski Jumps
  • #2 True to Place Experiences: By creating a memorable, accessible, learning visitor experience which celebrates Norquay’s close to the 100-year history
  • #5 Managing Development: By using a “Lower Each Visitors’ Environmental Footprint” design philosophy 
  • #7 Climate Change by reducing congestion in the Town of Banff

Key Points: This project conforms to all policies and regulations and will be a flagship example of a ski area enhancing the ecological integrity and visitor experience of not only its lease but the town of Banff.

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