Project Benefits

For the Town and Park


Respect for Residents

  • Design systems that reduce visitor impact on residents. By utilizing the Train Station Intercept Parking lot, (built by Norquay in 2019) and enhanced shuttle services, reducing traffic congestion.
  • Competitive Alternative to the Pursuit owned, Sulphur Mountain Gondola Monopoly
    • Since Parks Canada approved the expansion of the Sulphur Mountain Visitor Centre by 31% and its completion in 2016, visitation increased by approximately 50% (1/2 million in the early 2010s to nearly ¾ million visitors in 2019). The result has been splitting the sightseeing market on Lands Adjacent to the Town of Banff with Norquay approximately 96% – 4%. Pursuit used its monopoly position to increase its prices to ride its gondola from 2012-2021 at 6X rate of inflation, significantly reducing visitor accessibility
  • Parks Canada’s approval of Pursuit’s Sulphur Mountain Gondola Visitor Centre expansion did not require any traffic mitigations and the ¼ million increase in riders has led to congestion at the Bow River Bridge.
  • At the Town of Banff’s Fall Traffic Meeting on September 21, 2022, Pursuit, owner of the Sulpher Mountain Gondola, objected to the signage strategically placed throughout the town encouraging mass transit to the gondola and no parking on the Sulphur Mountain Access Road, making it clear that it believes it is entitled to maximize visitation regardless of the impact on congestion and town residents.
  • A competitive sightseeing gondola alternative will reduce traffic congestion in the town of Banff as fewer visitors travel across the town’s vehicular chokepoint, the Bow River Bridge
  • A competitive sightseeing gondola alternative will make high-alpine experiences accessible to more visitors.
  • A competitive sightseeing gondola alternative supports Canada’s Competition Bureau’s goal of fostering competition with monopolies

Key Point: Norquay’s Cliff House Gondola will provide a competitive alternative to Pursuits’ Sulphur Mountain Gondola monopoly, increasing visitor choice and decreasing traffic congestion in town.

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