The fastest way to Norquay


At Norquay, you can hit the slopes sooner.

Mountain fun is closer than you think! In fact, it’s only 7 minutes from Banff.

We’re the closest ski resort to both Banff and Canmore. And we’re only an hour away from Calgary. Bragging? Just a little! We can’t help being proud to offer such a great mountain experience so close to home.

Here are the best ways to get to Norquay:

Calgary to Norquay


Norquay is Calgary’s closest Banff resort. At 112km (69 miles) from the Calgary city limits, Norquay is a short one-hour drive on the Trans-Canada Highway. Just head west on Highway 1, then take the second Banff exit, turn right on Mt Norquay Road – you’ll be skiing, riding or climbing within the hour! – Google Maps Directions

Banff / Canmore to Norquay


Just 6km (3.7 miles) from downtown Banff, via Mt Norquay Access Road – Google Maps Directions


Just 25km (40 miles) west via Trans-Canada Highway #1 – Google Maps Directions

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