Strap on the snowshoes

Explore the snowy trails of Norquay

There’s more to Norquay than skiing, riding, and tubing. We also have great snowshoeing trails that offer amazing views and a relaxing change of pace.

Snowshoes distribute your weight evenly to prevent sinking or slipping in deep powder snow. If you can walk, you can snowshoe – think of it as hiking on snow! Stroll amongst stunning white-blanketed scenery. Play in the soft powder, build a snowman, or playfully hurl a snowball at your group. Refresh your senses in the crisp wintery air. You’ll feel like you’re exploring a real-life snow globe.

Don’t have snowshoes? Rent them on the hill!

With five trails to discover at Norquay, including gentler options for beginners and steeper options for the more experienced, a snowshoeing adventure can be as easy or as challenging as you make it. All trails are marked, but are not patrolled. Just rent some snowshoes from the North American Lodge, attach them to your boots and you’re ready to step into a whole new winter adventure!

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