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Cliffhouse Bistro

Vintage Feel, Contemporary Flavours


small snackable plates

Spiced Nuts & Kettle Chips $14

mixed nuts in maple syrup & spices, slow-roasted fresh fried kettle chips, lightly salted

Marinated Olives & Artichokes

w/ Fresh Homemade Bread $14
accompanied with balsamic & olive oil


served all-day

Granola Bowl $13

ask your server what makes ours better than yours!!

French Canadian Toast $16

egg dipped fried apple & thyme bread,
apple fig compote, maple lemon labné

Shakshuka $18

two eggs baked in harissa sauce, pork belly,
potato bravas, served with grilled sourdough


big bowl salads fit for a meal

Caesar Salad $17

romaine, crisp capers, pancetta,
shaved Parmesan, croutons, grilled lemon

TexiCanadia $18

romaine, artisan blend, roasted pico,
crisp tortilla chips, avocado, Catalina dressing

Middle Eastern Salad $19

artisan blend, falafel, pickled vegetables,
heirloom tomatoes, goat feta,
lemon tahini dressing

Add grilled chicken or pork belly $8


a platter for all to share

Nachos: Half $24 Full $32

beef & pork chili, pico, hombre sauce, avocado, salsa & sour cream
Substitute black bean for a vegetarian option

Meat & Cheese Board $46

locally cured meats & pâté, artisanal cheeses, nuts, jams & homemade bread


enjoy w/ simple salad & kettle chips

Grilled Cheese $21

black bean & smoked Gouda
served w/ sweet chili jam

Grilled Chicken Burger $24

double-smoked bacon, pineapple, Gruyere, avocado, sweet chili jam aioli

Beef Burger $24

double-smoked bacon, onion ring,
sharp cheddar, pickles, kimchi aioli


hardshell wrapped in a softshell
served w/ salsa, sour cream & simple salad

Cumin Black Bean 2/$18
Beef & Pork Chili 2/$20
Cajun Spiced Chicken 2/$22

fresh pico, hombre sauce, crisp lettuce, avocado & grilled lime


Kettle Chips: Sm $5.5 Lg $8
Onion Rings: Sm $6.5 Lg $9

Drinks Menu


Pint $9.00 (20 oz) / Pitcher $26.00 (60 oz)

Banff Ave Norquay ‘94

5.2% Honey Brown

Banff Ave Ride or Dry

4.8% Extra Dry Pilsner


$9.50 (473 mL)

Big Rock

Pilsner – Grasshopper – IPA – Traditional Ale

Rock Creek

Apple Cider – Pear Cider


2 oz

Bow Berry Vanilla $15

Park Vanilla Vodka, Wild Blueberry Tea Syrup, Lemon & Soda

Woodbury Gin Bramble $15

Park Alpine Gin, Scarlet Berry Tea Syrup, Lemon & Soda


By the Glass – $9.00
By the Bottle – $37.00

Please ask your server for our current selection


Coke – Diet Coke – Coke Zero – Fanta – Sprite – Ginger Beer – Root Beer – $3:50

Apple Juice – Orange Juice – $3.00

Sparkling Water 500 mL – $4.00


Coffee – $3.25
Espresso Shot – $3.5
Double Espresso – $4.50
Latte – $4.50
Cappuccino – $4.50
Flavor Shots – $1.00


Single Pot – $3.50

Orange Pekoe – Creamy Earl Grey – Alpine Peppermint

Jasmine Gold Dragon – Wild Blueberry Rooibos

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