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Big Horn Sheep

Norquay is located in a protected, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s home to a vibrant diversity of plant and animal life, including 53 species of mammals.

In and around the Park, the animals you’re most likely to see are deer, elk, bighorn sheep, chipmunks, pikas and Columbian ground squirrels, and birds such as whiskeyjacks and Clark’s nutcrackers. If you are very lucky, you may catch a glimpse of rarer wildlife such as wolves, black bears and grizzly bears, and rarest of all, wolverines, cougars and lynx.

Seeing a Bear in its natural habitat is a signature Canadian Rockies experience.

Speaking of which.. we’re very fortunate to be visited often by black and grizzly bears during the summer months; we’d even say Mt. Norquay’s one of the very best places to see these cuddly-looking creatures in the immediate Banff area – but please do remember that although they might look adorable, do keep well back from these beautiful animals.


For your safety and theirs:

Never feed, follow, or entice wildlife to come closer. Attempting to feed or touch wildlife endangers both the visitor as well as the animal. When wildlife (especially larger mammals) become familiar with feeding and contact from humans, they risk becoming dependent or aggressive and having to be relocated or euthanized.

The best way to appreciate Banff’s magnificent wildlife is by keeping a safe distance and respecting the animal’s space. Find out more wildlife information and safety precautions from Parks Canada.

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