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Sustainable Thinking

We’re all in for ways we can be nicer to the planet – and as part of our Sustainable Thinking promise, we’re looking at how we can actively reduce our environmental impact.  That’s in every area of what we do, right across the resort.  We’re taking sustainable action seriously, to do things the best way possible for our place and our communities.

Our Sustainable Thinking promise is our ongoing commitment to finding sustainable solutions, adopting greener practices, and promoting environmental responsibility to everyone enjoying our resort. We believe every step towards a sustainable future, no matter how small, makes a difference.

We’ve Gone 100% Green Energy Powered!

We’re now running fully on green (and we’re not talking about ski terrain here); Team Norquay is now 100% green energy powered!

It sure is good to know that across all areas of Norquay – from keeping our lifts running to lighting up all our lodges – our energy consumption is clean and green.  Now, thanks to our partnership with Bullfrog Power, 100% of the energy we use is generated from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power from new, Canadian renewable energy facilities. It’s better for the environment, and better for our health.

This is a huge step in reducing our carbon footprint, and we’re proud to be the first ski resort in Alberta to make the switch to fully-green.

Not only this, but we also feel great that our partnership with Bullfrog Power is contributing to their many community-based green projects across Canada.


#PlasticsSuck – and Here’s What We’re Doing About It

We all agree that #plasticssuck and we need to do more to reduce their use in our day-to-day, working together to eliminate their impact on our planet.

We can’t help but be inspired by the growing momentum of the #plasticssuck community, from our local friends here in Banff joining the cause and showing how they’re saying no to single-use plastics, to leading brands leading the charge to find alternatives that are less destructive to the environment.

We love our Park, and our Planet, and all we get to do within it, so it’s time to take action

We decided it was important to do our bit, and work to reduce single-use plastics. It’s a marathon not a race with a big change like this, but we believe that by taking these steps we can continue to address our dependency on these products as consumers, and limit the use of them at Mt. Norquay – that’s our goal.

In our plan to reduce single-use plastics, we are addressing more than just straws – and we’re calling upon our skiers and riders to help us with our mission.

The #NorquayNudge is our way of nudging not only ourselves to be better, but all our visitors too. Practice the #NorquayNudge to be mindful of throwaway plastics when eating and drinking with us on-mountain. Across all of our dining outlets this season, you’ll notice these changes, so we ask you to join us in moving towards being completely plastic free.

Milk Thermos

We’re done crying over spilled milk and we’re pretty sure that you don’t need individually packaged milk, so we’re switching to milk cooled in thermoses instead of single-use milkettes.

Chinaware Dishes

Dish out your love for the planet with our new reusable chinaware. The #NorquayNudge is classing it up with reusable dishware – it might not look like your grandmother’s china but we promise it’s not meant to be disposed of. Please help us by keeping them out of garbage bins.


#Stopsucking and start sipping! We’re ditching plastic straws. For those who absolutely need one, we have biodegradable ones available at your request.



Stop forking around, it’s time to get serious about plastic consumption. We won’t spoon feed you, but we will cut out plastic utensils. #NorquayNudge challenges you to do the same. All meals will be served with cutlery, please place them in the containers placed on top of garbage bins.

Drink Lids

Time to put a lid on pointless plastics. Take your beverage lid-less this season at Norquay this season, or why not just bring your reusable flask or coffee mug? For hot drinks, if you are taking your beverage to go, we do have lids available at the cash register.

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