“This is the kind of contest I would be in…this might be the best snowboard prize I’ve ever seen in my life”

Andrew Hardingham, Pro Snowboarder

Not your average snowboard contest, we want to introduce you to Backyard Battle!
A head to head, trick for trick, bracket-style BATTLE….on snow!

On March 7th Norquay will be throwing the Bow Valley’s first ever “Backyard Battle”
We will be giving away a New to you Car to one winner!

Sponsored by

Rude Boys and Girls

Unlimited Skate and Snow

 & High Rollers

The grand prize for this 3 part collaborative event is none other than a 1989 Daytona Turbo. 

What’s the format?   If you’re familiar with the “Battle at the Berrics” series, then you know the drill.
New to Battle at the Berrics? Check out our instructional video below with the Unlimited Team Rider Eric Corbin and Rude Boys Team Rider Jon Chew.

Event Format Breakdown

  • Norquay’s Backyard Battle is a one-on-one game of ‘S.N.O.W’
  • Opponents will be drawn at random and placed on a bracket board which will be revealed the night before the event (March 6th).
  • Opponents will “Ro-SHAM-BO” (rock paper scissors) to set the trick, opponent will repeat the set trick but if the rider does not land the set trick they will be given a letter.  First one to spell S.N.O.W loses and the winner advances to the next round.
  • Female competitors will always set the trick.  On their last letter, females will get an extra attempt.
  • All riders will be in one category.


Make sure you read the terms and conditions and register now using the link below.

Age Limit: Riders must be 16+ with a valid drivers’ license.  License will need to be shown in order to claim the car..

Live Bracket Draw: Friday, March 6th @ High Rollers from 19:00 to 21:00

Event Date: Saturday, March 7th @ Norquay

Time: Early rounds: 12:00 – 16:00

Bib Pick up and waiver signing: 11:00am in the cascade Lodge.

Semi-finals and Finals: 17:00 onwards

After Party: 22:00 at High Rollers, featuring a DJ and drink tickets for the first 30 riders.

Price: Registration fee is $30.

* First two rounds may be scaled, depending on attendance.
** Must have a valid Lift Ticket or Season Pass.
***Helmets are Mandatory

Need more info: Contact events@banffnorquay.com

Live Bracket Draw

Friday March 6th at High Rollers from 19:00 to 21:00

Join us for the live draw to see who your opponent will be and stay for a chance to win back your entry fee and lift ticket to the contest.

Riders will be randomly placed into a bracket of up to 64 boarders. The two riders drawn against each other will initially play rock-paper-scissors to find out who will pick the first ‘set trick; for our park Feature.  Basically, one rider will set the trick, and the other will need to follow by landing the same trick.  If the rider is un-able to repeat a set trick, they will be given a letter.  If a rider fails to set a trick, it will be the other riders opportunity to set the next trick.  First rider with 4 letters (S.N.O.W) is eliminated, with the winning rider moving to the next round.

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