Conquer the Snow-Covered Trails on a Fat Bike!

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Winter has descended upon the stunning landscapes of Banff, painting its trails with a pristine layer of snow. While the snow-capped peaks and frozen lakes create a breathtaking winter wonderland, it doesn’t mean you have to hang up your biking gear. Introducing an exciting addition to Bike Banff’s offerings – Fat Bike Rentals! Now, you can experience the thrill of trail riding even in the snow-covered terrain.

Banff is known for its world-class trails, and with the introduction of Fat Bike rentals, you can explore them like never before. Fat Bikes are specially designed with wide tires, providing better traction on snow and making them the perfect companions for winter trail adventures.

Why Fat Bikes?

  1. Traction and Stability: Fat Bikes boast wider tires with lower pressure, offering increased traction and stability on snow-covered trails. This makes them ideal for navigating through the varying winter conditions Banff has to offer.
  2. All-Terrain Fun: From groomed trails to powder-covered backcountry routes, Fat Bikes are versatile enough to tackle a variety of terrains. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, these bikes provide a unique and enjoyable cycling experience.
  3. Winter Fitness: Riding a Fat Bike is not just a fun activity; it’s also an excellent way to stay active during the winter months. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and stunning scenery as you pedal through Banff’s awesome trail network.

Where should I ride?

The Tunnel Mountain Loop offers a shorter ride with stunning panoramic views of the Bow Valley. It’s a great option for riders looking for a quick winter ride without venturing too far from town.

The Spray East Trail starts just past Bow Falls on the Golf Course Road, and soon heads into the woods on rolling singletrack terrain.  You’ll feel very secluded as you roll past the base of Mt. Rundle.

The Sundance Trail starts from Cave & Basin.  You’ll cruise along the Bow River before the trail begins to climb into the forest.  You can even make it to beautiful Sundance Lodge!

The Lake Minnewanka Trail parallels the lake itself!  At kilometer 14, you’ll reach the Warden Cabin which is also a great turn around point.  Full of ups and downs and dedicated singletrack, you can make this ride an all day adventure.

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